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I cannot see login module on Seyret Desktop
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Article: I cannot see login module on Seyret Desktop

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    Q: I've installed Seyret Desktop on my computer. When I open Seyret Desktop, I just get a blank window. I can not see login module. When I install Seyret Desktop on another machine, it works perfectly. What is the problem?

    A: This is a temporary bug with Seyret Desktop. It will be solved soon. However until then there is a solution for this problem. If you Seyret Desktop works nice on some other machines, this shows that there is something wrong with Seyret Desktop configuration on your machine. Seyret Desktop stores some necessary information under "User Documents" folder. This will vary on Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. For example on Windows 7, enter your folder, then enter "Documents" folder. You will see a new folder with "SeyretVideoDesktop" folder. Delete it. Then launch Seyret Desktop again. It will ask your registration information again and problem will be solved.
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