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Seyret Desktop Installer Module
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Article: Seyret Desktop Installer Module

  1. Seyret Desktop Installer Module

    0 Comments by admin Published on 10th April 2010 12:55
    Our killing application Seyret Desktop has a very cute and capable installation system. As we are using Adobe Air Runtimes as technology framework for Seyret Desktop, this gives us the ability to use some Adobe facilities. A very nice facility of Adobe Air is that, you can install the application and even the Air Runtimes from a webpage.

    The Flash based installer tool is called as Air installer badge. When that badge is clicked to install the application, it will automatically check if Adobe Air Runtimes are installed or not. If they are not installed, it will ask to install Adobe Air first. After accepting to install Air, it will complete the process automatically. Then it will install the Seyret Desktop application.

    We have used that badge and created a new module so that you can use it on your site. We have added three module parameters. First one is the picture shown on the module. You can use your own image file to be shown on the module. The second parameter is width and the third one is height.

    Now, there is an important limitation about the width of the module. That limitiation is not caused by us, but it is an Adobe side pre-definition. The width should be bigger that 215 px. Otherwise it will not work correctly. Let us tell the reason technically. When the install badge is clicked to install the application and runtimes, it loads a Adobe originated swf file, with a gray color. I'm not sure why Adobe has decided to put a pre-definition like that, this tool doesn't work when the Flash stage width is less that 215. When you use the debugger version of Flash Player, you'll see the error message. So as a summary, please make sure that you use a width bigger than 215 for the module.
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