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    Anyways... I know its not for 0.3 but apparently I'll be leaving you guys, this is the basic function of seyret for me. Not only that but installing seyret 0.3 I can't handle custom filetypes and players - I don't understand all there are are blocks of hex.

    So I'm going back to 0.2.8 and just going to stay old and unsupported and develop my own "Version" from there I guess.'

    this project came along so far and so I can't go back anymore lol.. I've added more functionality to the itunes feed including date and discription and also using a maneul install of id3 file time as well. Thats right baby.. its fully functional RSS Feed for itunes, using the Itunes store.

    100% functional now. and going to 0.3 makes it 0% functional lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xso232 View Post

    for the complete solution I shared my progress on the Joomla.org forums on how i got it to specifically work with itunes
    Thanks for Sharing nice and working link here, this post is really useful for me, feel good to join this forum.

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