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Being Watched Videos Module
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Article: Being Watched Videos Module

  1. Being Watched Videos Module

    0 Comments by admin Published on 24th March 2010 05:04
    Being watched videos module will action to your video site. Our users liked it much on 0.2.x series and now we have released it for 0.3 version. Install it, configure it and enjoy.

    You can get that module from our download area on http://www.joomlaholic.com . Download it and install it on your site. Then go to modul configuration page of Being Watched Videos Module.

    Now, lets tell how to configure it like our demo site. On module[edit] page of that module:

    • write a title for the module.
    • Select no for Show Title.
    • Select yes for Enabled.
    • Enter seyretmod1 for Position. With Joomla 1.5, default module positions are defined within Joomla themes. But luckily, as that input box is a real combo box, you can manually write your own module position there.
    • Select Order, Access Level what ever you want.
    • Make Menu selection All or Seyret.
    • On module parameters, define the width and the height of the flash tool.
    • Select refresh time as seconds. Here, please don't forget to set it a bit high. If you keep it too low, it will make a new request to your site frequently and your server will be overloaded. 25 may be ideal.
    • Set column ad row counts. When defining them, try to find best appearance with the width and height of the flash.
    • Adjust Thumb Scale value. If you want to get bigger thumbnails, make it bigger or vice versa. Default is 80.
    • Select all the other settings for your own taste.
    • Leave Seyret Site URL blank. It is a bit more advanced setting and we didn't test it too much on 0.3 series.

    A trick with this module may be helpful. The flash based being watched videos will make a new request to your server on every 15 seconds or 25 seconds etc, depending on which time interval you have set. When you have too much online users on your site, this requests will get much higher. So, you should publish your module in an intelligent position. It shouldn't be shown on all pages, so that your server will not be overloaded. Of course you also want our users to see that module as it is so fancy. Now, seyretmod1 position is a wonderful place. It is rendered only on the main page of Seyret. Usually users will not spend much time on that page. So they will see it but also your server will not be much loaded. Of course you can publish that module on some other module positions, but we feel that the best position is seyretmod1.
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