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Preparing your site for Seyret Desktop
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Article: Preparing your site for Seyret Desktop

  1. Preparing your site for Seyret Desktop

    0 Comments by admin Published on 8th March 2010 04:03
    In order to be able to use Seyret Desktop, you should have at least Seyret 0.3 RC5 installed on your site. Older versions will not be able to communicate with Seyret Desktop. After you successfully install Seyret Video Component, you should purchase a Seyret Desktop license from http://www.seyretusers.com . We strongly advice you to take the advantage of Seyret Bundle Gold License. When you complete payment process for new license, please don't forget to go to your Seyret Video Component admin panel so that your license key is updated.

    A technical brief: As Seyret Desktop will communicate with your Seyret Video Component with standard Joomla html processes, now we need a special login module that will work with all Joomla themes. On Joomla 1.5 API, it is allowed that module templates can be overridden by Joomla themes. On some themes, this causes problems for Seyret Desktop as field ids are changed. Now, at this point we have created a new login module. Indeed it is a copy of standard Joomla login module. We have slightly modified it not to allow module template to be changed.

    It is enough to tell the reason of using a special login module. To start using Seyret Desktop with your Seyret Video Component, please download our Login Seyret Module. Install it to your site, but gladly you don't need to publish it. Seyret just needs to access that module on server.

    We have a second stunning module for Seyret Desktop: Seyret Desktop Installer Module. Download it and install it on your site. This module will allow you to distribute Seyret Desktop to your site users.

    That is it. You can start using Seyret Desktop program with your site.
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