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jQuery versus MooTools in Seyret
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Article: jQuery versus MooTools in Seyret

  1. jQuery versus MooTools in Seyret

    0 Comments by admin Published on 17th February 2010 06:42
    In Seyret 0.3.x series, we have started to use jQuery as the default javascript framework for Seyret. We have stopped using MooTools. Actually we find both libraries very powerful and successful. They both achieve what they promise. In 0.2.8.x series we used to use MooTools library and we were glad with it for most cases. As you know Joomla also used MooTools library as default javascript framework. This also encouraged us to use MooTools on 0.2.x.x series.

    But when time passed we found ourselves in a position that we have troubles with MooTools. The first problem was about MooTools version conflicts. For compatibility issues Joomla used MooTools version 1.11 for a long time. But version 1.2.x was out and some third party javascript tools were using that new version. When we include it and of course include MooTools 1.2.x , this started to cause problems. If your theme or something else calls 1.11, javascript codes totally fail. Two MooTools versions cannot be loaded at the same time. Yes, Joomla has switched to 1.2.x lately, but can you say we will not have the same problem with MooTools 1.3?

    The second problem was with jQuery conflicts. Both jQuery and MooTools use the same selector as default. $ sign is used in both libraries. Normally this causes conflicts if both libraries are loaded in the same page. Luckily jQuery has a solution for this problem. You just add a line to your code and you can use "jQuery" as selector, not $. This solves most of the problems. But MooTools doesn't have a solution like this. Unfortunately due to this conflict, lots of our users reported bugs, problems etc. On new version of Seyret, we have switched to jQuery and used "No conflict" solution for it. This reduced the amount of javascript library conflicts.

    Of course we cannot say that these problems are totally solved. We say that Seyret javasript codes work if jQuery and MooTools libraries are loaded at the same page.

    If your javascript codes are still broken on your page, please check the other javascript codes on your page. They may be the reason of the errors.
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