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Is there anotehr way to get support here?
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Thread: Is there anotehr way to get support here?

  1. Default Is there anotehr way to get support here?

    Posting does not seem to work

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    what kind of help U need, the other hand it is good to read the Admin news b4 post U Question

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    I posted in this forum a couple weeks ago with my problem and never a word back. I cant use the component at all. I mean this is a paid extension, you would think somebody could help me out.

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    Like I said before SEYRET PROJECT is dead, have been like that for over 6 months.
    If you look for support you will not find it.


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    Does this mean that we can no loger buy Seyret? If so, what is a compreble product like Seyret for Joompla sites?

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