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2nd May 2010, 10:31
http://www.joomlaholic.com/forum/sshots/debugger_128.pngWe are using a third party, wonderful product in Seyret as video player tool. It is flowplayer, from http://www.flowplayer.org . It has a free version with GPL, but also a more functional commercial license is avaliable. We have paid for this shining player to include it in Seyret, and yes we have paid to use all commercial features.

Of course, like all commercial products, flowplayer has a license key system. It has some special alghoritms to calculate the player key. This licensekey is controlled via a javascript file and it is generated automatically by Seyret. When the player is being loaded, it reads the license key from this javascript file and validates. If it doesn't match the calculation, a blank screen with an error message is shown.

Sometimes, even Seyret owner has a valid license, player may send a false alert about license key. But fortunately we have implemented a self-healing mechanism. When this error screen is shown, Seyret contacts to the server side script to check the license key again. This time, if the user has a valid license, a different method is used to calculate the license key and it is stored on our servers. Furthermore this license key is used for Seyret and user will never get the error again. When new license key is generated, javascript files is written, Seyret page reloads automatically and everything goes well.

But what about when this nice self-healing mechanism fails? Yes sometimes it fails. The only reason for the fail of this mechanism is file ownership problems. For more details about this problem, please read following document: http://www.joomlaholic.com/forum/showthread.php?787-File-Ownership-Problems You should solve your file ownership problems before you go on.

After you solve your file ownership problems, you can force Seyret to recreate javascript files. Go to your Seyret admin and add a &crf=1 .

http://www.yoursite.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_seyret&crf=1This line will recreate your javascript files and will use your correct license key.