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6th March 2010, 02:37
http://www.joomlaholic.com/forum/sshots/baggage_128.pngAll Seyret related licenses are generated and recorded on installation basis. Every Seyret installation has a unique Joomlaholic user id. Please pay attention that subdomains or sub folders on a domain are accepted as a different installation and they have also a unique Joomlaholic user id. When you pay for a license, your license is activated for only one installation.

Of course you may want to change your domain name or installation url sometimes. At this point, we provide you a nice feature. You can move your license to another installation. And this is a very easy procedure on our license management system, http://www.seyretusers.com.

Our license management system recognizes your installation with Joomlaholic user id. So, if you want to change your license record, you should have a new Joomlaholic user id for your new site. Just install Seyret on new site, go to your Seyret admin. There you will see your Joomlaholic user id. Sometimes, you may just change the folder name. It is not a fresh installation, but as your installation folder is changed, it will be recognized as a new site. Again, go to your Seyret admin. You will see that your Joomlaholic user id is changed. This is your new id.

Now, you have two Joomlaholic user ids, one for old site and the other is for your new site. Go to Seyret License Management System on http://www.seyretusers.com . Login to your account. Every license has a three move right. If your move limit is not 0, on license list, you will see a small "Move" button. Click it. On the panel that is opened, check your old user id and make sure that you are about to move correct license. Then enter your new Joomlaholic user id and click check button. Here, again please check that your moving your license to correct installation. If everything is ok, click "move" button and complete the process.

After moving your license, please check your Seyret admin. Your license should be moved immediately. If you have problems with this process, please contact Joomlaholic admin to check the process.