Seyret Video Component

Welcome to the home page of extraordinary Joomla components. We are proud of being the owner of the most stunning and the most admirable video component in Joomla world. Yes, we are talking about Seyret Video Component. After writing the first video component for Joomla, we have come upon the incredible and great interest of web administrators. All of the bug reports and feature requests encouraged us to go on developing Seyret and make it better on every release. When we see the great amount of Seyret installations, more than 150.000 installations, we think that we cannot stop the development process.

We started years ago primarily to satisfy our own needs, but when the Joomla community really liked it we understood that Seyret is and could be so much more. The combining support of the users, hard work of the developers and the rich framework of Joomla made Seyret the most advanced video gallery for Joomla.

Although Seyret is known as a video gallery we’re working hard to allow many more media formats like audio and gaming options. Seyret enriches you’re website with innovative and modern media features. Uploading, downloading, converting and sharing isn’t that hard anymore for you’re website with Seyret.

The users and the community are the driving force behind Seyrets progress and success. Because of this we are focussing us on both the needs of the more experienced and beginning user. Making it easy and simple, but without compromising on the quality. You will be able to integrate Seyret with your personal computer trough Seyret Desktop, Jomsocial and Community Builder, Amazon 3S, Google and so much more,

While we are closing the 0.2.x release series, we are gladly announcing the first version of 0.3.x release series. Now, Seyret is much more stable, much more feature rich and really elegant. Written from scratch made for two, for Joomla and You. Still not impressed, have a request or just simply want to protest? Be a part of Seyrets Community and help us to improve!